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“SWELL65 confirm its careful vision of mens/womenswear. By binding several styles they can evoke suggestions arousing from different cultures, far or near, past or actual, satisfying multiple needs of a style aware man/woman.”
No matter how your jeans look like at this moment, they all started out as a dry piece of denim. For some it’s a hassle or the reason why their couch has shades of blue in it and for others and ourselves it’s the essence of denim and wearing jeans.

Our Jeans

From thight jeans with stetch, to slim and regular jeans. All our jeans come in dry, black and pre-washed denim options. And whether you like a low, high or normal rise and waist, we got something for you.

Our style

Inspired on the street of the biggest cities in the world,visiting locals and taking inspiration from the styles of the people living in the world, thus was born the style SWELL65. We make what today is the modern and what should be the future.

Head of Quality

We don’t believe throwaway and jeans are words that belong together. Just the opposite, jeans are a piece of clothing that ages and grows more beautiful with the wearer, and are worth wearing out and mending.